Enertia® Motors LLC
Powered by Enertia® - Feel the Freedom™
After 20+ years of dealing with fuel-free heating and cooling and household electricity, we turn our attention to transportation - the last remaining piece of the environmental and self-sufficiency puzzle. Enertia® cars are diesel hybrid electric. They are plug-in hybrids with a biodiesel generator on board to extend the range. Combined with the Enertia® Home photovoltaic smart garage, it may be possible to achieve the bulk of your transportation needs with no fuel at all.

The Enertia® car is being built with several goals in mind:
It has to travel at up to at least 100 mph.
It has to travel 100 miles on one gallon of fuel.
It has to be reproducible and marketable (people have to WANT it).

These are the design goals at Enertia® Motors.