The Enertia® Car Concept

The Studebaker Avanti was ahead of its time in 1963. In production until 2006, now it's behind the times. We intend to change that- updating the Avanti with a DC electric drivetrain, and adding a Biodiesel DC generator to recharge the batteries for long distance travel. We are renaming the car the ENERTIA®, reflecting the “Energy-from-a-shift-in-time” nature of battery power.

The Avanti body is lightweight, strong, and stylish. We expect this two-door sedan sports car to achieve over 100MPG with an initial range of 100 miles off the initial full charge. The top speed of the original Avanti of 120 mph is in the range of the Electric motor RPMs, as the existing transmission will be left in place. DC electric acceleration is no problem, although it is at the expense of range in any electric vehicle.

A Rand Corp study shows that Diesel Hybrids are better for the environment than gas hybrids. Our Genset is a two cylinder naturally-aspirated Kubota diesel. Its nine gallon Biodiesel tank should give a range of 900 miles including the initial full charge to the batteries from the PV panels of the SMART GARAGE. As the prototype car is non-turbo we will have to run Biodiesel to meet emissions requirements, but the turbo production model will be clean even on petro-diesel. Production ENERTIA® vehicles will utilize FIREFLY batteries, approximately half the weight of lead acid batteries.

To fully integrate the Enertia® Concept, your Enertia® Car would be charged from power created by the photovoltaic panels on the roof of your Enertia® Home. For charging during the day, no batteries would be required, but for charging overnight, the daytime power gain would be available from batteries in the Smart Garage™ attached to the Enertia® home.
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