Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize
Revolution through Competition
Youngsville NC February 4, 2009 — Enertia Motors today announced its acceptance into the multimillion dollar Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE, a competition designed to inspire a new generation of viable, super fuel-efficient vehicles to offer more consumer choices.

Enertia’s production car, known as the E-vanti, is based on the Studebaker Avanti, and will charge from the rooftop Photovoltaic array of the Enertia® Home Smart Garage, giving us a total green living solution.
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This is the 1963 Studebaker Avanti that was driven by Andy Granatelli, who achieved several land speed records in this car. The Enertia Motors car will not have a hood scoop, but other than that and the paint job, will be similar in appearance.
About the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE Competition:
The goal of the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE, a project of the X PRIZE Foundation, is to inspire new generation of viable, super fuel-efficient vehicles that offer more consumer choices. Ten million dollars in prizes will be awarded to the teams that win a competition for clean, production-capable vehicles that exceed 100 MPGe.
The Progressive Automotive X PRIZE will place a major focus on affordability, safety, and the environment. It is about developing real, production-capable cars that consumers want to buy, not science projects or concept cars. This progress is needed because today’s oil consumption is unsustainable and because automotive emissions significantly contribute to global warming and climate change.
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